About Wabash

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County: 34,477
Percent Ethnic: 2.64%
City: 11,166
Percent Ethnic: 3.47%
Growth: -6.61%
Growth of Households: -2.06%
Median Income: $30,414
Average Income: $38,710
Households above poverty: 65.41%
Median Rent: $243.00/month
Median Property Value: $41,692

Hospital: Wabash County Hospital
Services: Addiction Care
Skilled Care
Springside Life Center (Physical Fitness)
Well Children Care Center
Physicians Care Center
Oncology Center
Physical Therapy Care Center
Home Health Care Center
Extended Health Care Facilities: 5
Doctors (Wabash County): 26
Physicians at Wabash County
Hospital: 76
Dentists: 12
Healthcare facility: Vernon Manor
Children’s Home (136 beds)–
Long-term “skilled” facility for
the developmentally disabled.


Charley Creek Inn

Holiday Inn Express

Herrold On Hill B&B

Public School Districts:
Wabash City Schools
Metropolitan School District of Wabash County
6 elementary schools–122 teachers
–1,883 students
2 Sr./Jr. high schools–146 teachers
–2,059 students
Private Schools:
Saint Bernard–Nursery – 6th grade
9 teachers 120 students
Emmanuel Christian–Nursery-12th
12 teachers 147 students
Vo-tech center
Heartland Career Center–Wabash
IVY Tech State College–Wabash
Manchester College–N. Manchester
Ball State University–Muncie
Huntington University–Huntington
Indiana Institute of Technology–Ft. Wayne
Indiana University–Bloomington
Indiana University (IUK)–Kokomo
Indiana-Purdue University(IPFW)–Ft. Wayne
Indiana Wesleyan University–Marion
Purdue University–W. Lafayette
St. Francis University–Ft. Wayne
Taylor University–Upland/Ft. Wayne
University of Notre Dame–South Bend
Library: 58,000 volumes (books,
periodicals, audio, visual material)

Honeywell Center/Ford Theatre
Wabash County YMCA
Wabash County Historical Museum
Area Lakes: Numerous
Reservoirs: 2
Parks: 6 (local) 2 (state/federal)
Swimming Pool: 1 (outdoor) 1 (indoor)
Ball fields: 7+
Bowling Alley: 1
Golf courses: 2
Indoor Theater: 1
Tennis courts: 10
Skating rink: 1
Drive-in theater: 1