Ambulance Billing Office

Also located within City Hall, is the billing department of the Wabash City County Ambulance Service.  Two full-time billing agents are responsible for managing the overall operations of the service.  These duties include:

  • Reviewing Patient Care Reports (PCRs) from Wabash Fire Department
  • Establishing patient accounts for billing purposes
  • Verifying medical necessity and applying proper coding based on transport documentation
  • Generating patient invoices and filing claims to applicable insurances
  • Receiving any and all payments from insurances and patients
  • Investigating any insurance denials or partial/improper payments
  • Handling any billing adjustments, contractual agreements and refunds as necessary
  • Processing claims for collection with the Wabash City Court and the Wabash County Superior Court as necessary
  • Maintaining a working knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance practices
  • Acting as liaisons between the Director of EMS Operations and patients, insurance agencies and general public
  • Maintaining all accounting records for the service
  • Assisting with annual State Board of Accounts audit
  • Continuing education to maintain Certified Ambulance Coder qualification through the National Academy of Ambulance Coding
  • HIPAA Privacy Notice

City Hall
202 South Wabash Street
Wabash, IN  46992
Telephone: (260) 569-9274
Fax:            (260) 274-0034