Building Department

The City Building Department handles building permits for the construction of new structures, as well as the addition or expansion of existing structures. This office also assigns permits for remodels and renovations, pool installations, electrical upgrades, re-roofing, window replacements, demolitions, foundation releases and signage. In addition to assigning permits, the Building Commissioner is also responsible for conducting building inspections, monitoring City code and ordinance violations, and administering funds for the City sidewalk program. The sidewalk program provides funding for the cement only; residents are responsible for labor and installation material expenses. This office is also the first point of contact for residents interested in the applying for the Residential Tax Abatement program.

Other duties of the Building Commissioner’s office include:

  • Assisting City officials with rezoning issues
  • Regulating all building contractors working within the City limits
  • Handling amusement licenses
  • Working closely with the County Health Department and other County officials
  • Overseeing the Wabash City Plan Commission and City Board of Zoning & Appeals
  • Processing exclusions from the Land Subdivision Ordinance
  • Assisting with petitions for Variances and Special Exceptions

For questions regarding building permits, code violations or other related issues, please contact the Building Commissioner’s office at City Hall. State permit information for local businesses is also available. See City Code Chapter 7: Article 1: Section 7-17 for a schedule of building and zoning fees available.

John H. Stephens, Building Commissioner
202 S. Wabash Street
Wabash, IN 46992
Phone: (260) 563-4171 ext 408
Fax: (260) 563-0876
Wabash City Code


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Zoning Jurisdiction
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