RV Park


The following rules and regulations for the Wabash City R. V. Park have been adopted by the Board of Public Works and Safety for the City of Wabash, Indiana:

Campers shall pay a fee of $15.00 per night, payable in advance at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Check In Time – not later than 4:00 p.m. M-Th; 3:00 p.m. F-Sun
Check Out Time – 12:00 Noon (EST)

  1. No open campfires are allowed.
  2. Campers may not stay more than 14 days within a 30-day period except by written contract entered into by the camper and the Board of Public Works and Safety.
  3. Campers shall supervise the- conduct of themselves and guests and assure that they, among other things:
    • a. Do not play in or disturb trees or shrubbery.
    • b. Do not deface or damage buildings or other property.
    • c. Do not play in streets or parking areas.
  4. No peddling, soliciting or commercial activities are permitted on the property.
  5. Excessive noise is prohibited at all times. During the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., quiet time shall be observed.
  6. Do not exceed 5-mph speed.
  7. Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas only.
  8. Inoperable vehicles and unlicensed vehicle are not allowed.
  9. Vehicles may not be repaired or serviced on the premises excepting flat tires and jumpstarting.
  10. All trash (including disposable diapers) must be placed in plastic trash bags and deposited in dumpsters, – if provided, or removed.
  11. Firearms, air rifles, BE guns, bow and arrows, other weapons projectiles and dangerous objects may not be displayed or used anywhere on the premises.
  12. Illegal use or possession of controlled substances is prohibited.
  13. Alcohol may not be used in common areas or in public view.
  14. Disorderly conduct, rude, abusive or obnoxious language or behavior is prohibited at all times.
  15. The City of Wabash, Indiana and its representatives or agents will not be responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property by fire, theft, winds, floods, or other natural acts which are beyond its control or for acts of campers, their quests, or visitors.
  16. Equipment furnished by the R.V. Park, if any, is for your convenience and no responsibility on behalf of the City of Wabash, Indiana or its representatives or agents is accepted or assumed by your use of same or your visitor's or guests' use thereof: