City Council

The City Council of Wabash is the legislative and fiscal body for the city government.  The Council’s seven members are made up of one representative from each of the City’s five Council districts and two at-large members. 

As the legislative body, the Council has the exclusive responsibility of passing or changing local laws (known as ordinances), resolutions, orders, and motions for the City’s government. As the fiscal body, the Council has the authority to levy certain taxes and it has the sole responsibility of adopting a City budget each year.  The Council also appoints members to certain boards and commissions that serve the community in various areas.

Indiana has what is called a “strong mayor” system, so the mayor has most of the executive and administrative power over the city’s daily operations.  The mayor appoints or removes department heads and has veto power over ordinances passed by the Council.  Nevertheless, the Council has the ultimate authority for funding and all money spent on behalf of City taxpayers.

The Wabash City Council members are tasked with representing the interests of the constituents in their district. In addition to proposing, passing, and ratifying policies and ordinances for the City of Wabash, the city council members manage budgets, respond, and resolve complaints from their district constituents.

Mayor Long Jan Roland Bonfitto
Scott Long

                                                                                           Jan Roland                                       District 5                  Councilwoman

  Susan Bonfitto, R
District 4
Brewer Burnsworth Dillon
Terry Brewer, R
District 3
  John Burnsworth, R
At Large
  Bryan Dillon, R
At Large
Councilman Weaver Monroe
Wade Weaver
District 1
  Dave Monroe, R
District 2

City Council Map