Redevelopment Commission

The Wabash Redevelopment Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month, 4:00 p.m. at City Hall.

The Redevelopment Commission promotes and implements economic development projects, acting as a catalyst to redevelop blighted and other areas that have shown a cessation of growth and lack of development. 

The City of Wabash Redevelopment Commission (RDC) is comprised of five members appointed by the Common Council of the City of Wabash and the Mayor's office. There is also one non-voting member who is appointed by the School Board with with the main jurisdiction in the municipality. 

Current 2022 members are: 

Lynn Yohe - President 

Brett Vanlandingham - Vice President 

Doug Konkle - Secretary 

Wendy Frazier - Treasurer 

Jim Reynolds

Rod Kelsheimer (WCS School Board Appointment)

The RDC has its own legal counsel, Douglas C. Lehman, and is staffed by Grow Wabash County staff via a fee-for-service agreement with the City of Wabash. 

The RDC works to build the City's tax base and create economic opportunities for the community. The RDC creates and manages Tax Increment Finance (TIF) districts in consultation with other units of local government. TIF districts can capture property tax revenues generated by the incremental change in assessed value within a district following its creation. It then uses that increment to improve the district for projects such as needed infrastructure and other necessary improvements as regulated by Indiana state statues. This infographic shows how TIF revenues are generally captured and the benefits to all of the communities taxing units. 


For more information please contact Keith Gillenwater, City of Wabash RDC Staff 260.563.5258 or by email at