Wastewater Department

The Wabash Wastewater Plant is a Class III activated sludge facility that utilizes mechanical bar screens, submersible pumps, oxidation ditches, circular clarifiers, and ultra-violet disinfection to treat wastewater being discharged to the Wabash River.

The facility is rated at 4 mgd (million gallons per day) and has a peak flow rate of 10 mgd (for 1 hour). The facility has a sustainable flow treatment of 7 mgd during wet weather events. The Biosolids generated through the treatment process are removed from the wastewater through aerated primary digesters and recirculated between digestion and thickening tanks (stabilization) until final storage at the final aerated digesters. The biosolids remain here until the solids are sent to the facilities 10 reed beds. It remains in the reed beds continually stabilizing for as long as 12 years.

The facility is staffed by 5 state-licensed wastewater operators, an operator in training (OIT), 2 billing clerks, and an office manager.

Stormwater Utility

The Stormwater Utility is in charge of all Stormwater Management issues. This includes the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). These areas encompass all projects from review, development, and inspection. The utility also addresses stormwater issues that arise with the general public.