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Do I need a permit to put a shed on my property?
Yes, please call the Building Department to check on guidelines. (260) 274-1491
Do I need a permit for a fence?
You can put a fence on your property line without a permit. Make sure you know where your property line is located. Please call the building department for height and other requirements.
How do I know if a permit is required for the work I am doing in or around my home?
Please call the Building Department to discuss your project. (260) 274-1491
Why is it important for my contractor to be registered in Wabash, IN?
Registration with the city ensures you, that your contractor is covered with liability and workers compensation insurance.
If I am not adding square footage to my house, do I still need a building permit?
A building permit may still be needed depending on the scope of work you are completing, it’s always better to call the Building Department to inquire if your scope of work requires a building permit.
Why do I need a demolition permit?
Because this can help lower your property taxes, and in most cases, demolition is part of remodeling.
I got a bill from Wabash City County Ambulance Service. I thought I had paid everything at the hospital. Isn’t the ambulance service part of the local hospital?
No. Wabash City County Ambulance Service (WCCAS) is owned and operated by the City of Wabash, a separate entity from Parkview Wabash Hospital. Payments for ambulance services provided by WCCAS must be paid to the service directly. The billing office for WCCAS is located within City Hall at 202 S. Wabash St. Payments can be made in person, through the mail, or by phone at (260) 569-9274. WCCAS accepts all major credit cards; a 3% convenience fee is assessed on all credit transactions. Billing questions cannot be answered at Wabash Fire Department.
I had an ambulance trip provided by Wabash City County Ambulance Service and received a bill. I have insurance that should pay this bill. Will the ambulance service send a bill to my insurance?
Yes. WCCAS submits claims directly to most insurance companies. If the billing office has your insurance information, it will submit a claim to your insurance company on your behalf. You may be billed for patient out-of-pocket responsibility amounts (copay, deductible, non-covered amounts, etc.). If WCCAS does NOT have your health insurance information, the billing office will send you a form to fill out and return to provide that information. Without that information, WCCAS cannot file a claim with your insurance company. Most insurances have timely filing deadlines that healthcare providers such as WCCAS must submit claims within in order to be paid. If you are receiving a bill, this means that either a) your insurance has processed your claim and left a patient responsibility amount that you owe, or b) WCCAS does not have your insurance information.
I received a bill from Wabash City County Ambulance Service and cannot pay it. What should I do?
WCCAS accepts monthly payments for outstanding balances and works on a case-by-case basis to determine payment amounts. If you are having trouble paying your bill, please call the WCCAS billing office at (260) 569-9274 to discuss payment options.
I am a veteran and had an ambulance trip provided by Wabash City County Ambulance Service. Will the VA pay my ambulance bill?
In many cases the VA will pay for ambulance services if the veteran’s health issues are service-related AND if the veteran has NO other health insurance coverage. If you are a veteran and received a bill from WCCAS that you think the VA should pay, please contact a patient advocate at the Veteran’s Administration office in Marion, IN at (765) 674-3321. WCCAS works closely with all veterans to resolve unpaid claims.
I had an ambulance trip provided by Wabash City County Ambulance Service and I have Medicaid. Why am I getting a bill?
If you have Medicaid and are still receiving a bill from WCCAS, the billing office may be unaware of your coverage. Please call the billing office for WCCAS at (260) 569-9274 to provide your Medicaid information. It is the patient’s responsibility to make healthcare providers aware of Medicaid coverage in a timely manner to allow them to send a claim to Medicaid on the patient’s behalf. If your trip was more than 3 months ago, Medicaid may deny your claim due to timely filing guidelines. Medicaid may also deny medically unnecessary ambulance services.
I didn’t pay my bill from Wabash City County Ambulance Service and now I’m being sued. Can I make a payment to the ambulance service?
Once an account is turned over for collections, unpaid balances become judgments in Wabash City Court. Payments must be made directly to the Court. Payments can be made in person by cash or money order, or by phone with a credit card (NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED). Wabash City Court accepts all major credit cards; a small convenience fee is assessed on all credit transactions. Wabash City Court offices are located within Wabash City Hall at 202 S. Wabash St. and can be reached by phone at (260) 5693-4946.
Can City Court perform a wedding?
Unfortunately, we cannot perform weddings at this location. Please call 260.563.0661 ext. 1232
Can I file a small claims court case at City Court?
Yes, please stop by 23 W. Market St., to complete the document. There is a $95 fee to file a claim.
What are the City Court hours?
We are open 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday - Friday and closed between 12:00 Noon – 1:00 pm for lunch.
Does City Court accept credit cards for payments?
Yes, we currently accept payments via credit card. Please call 260.563.4946 for additional information.
Results 1-16 of 16
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