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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Adams, Doug City Council District 5 City Council Members 260-563-3905
Armstrong, Michael Firefighter, Paramedic Fire Department    
Beeks, Bryan Firefighter, EMT Fire Department    
Bender, Drew Patrolman Police Department    
Benson, Matt Captain Police Department    
Blanton, Paige Probationary Patrolmen Police Department    
Bonfitto, Susan City Council District 4 City Council Members 260-563-2023
Brainard, Kevin Lieutenant, Firefighter/Paramedic Fire Department    
Brewer, Terry City Council District 3 City Council Members 260-563-3826
Brubaker, Nick Sergeant Police Department    
Bruss, Matthew Chief of Police Police Department 260-563-1112
Burnsworth, John Councilman at Large City Council Members 260-274-0084
Bussard, Kevin Lieutenant, Firefighter/EMT Fire Department    
Cantrell, Kipp Code Enforcement Oficer Building Department  
Case, Kody Patrolman Police Department    
Castro, Mike 1st Class Patrolman Police Department    
Copeland, Adam Assistant Chief, Firefighter/Paramedic Fire Department    
Davis, Jason Firefighter, Paramedic Fire Department    
Dillon, Bryan Councilman at Large City Council Members 260-563-8898
Dyson, Dan Firefighter, Paramedic Fire Department    
Ellet, Clayton Firefighter, Paramedic Fire Department    
Evenson, Kevin Sergeant Police Department    
Eviston, Rick Firefighter, Paramedic Fire Department    
Figert, Mitch City Council District 1 City Council Members 260-568-2658
Foster, Kyle Firefighter, Paramedic Fire Department    
Staff 1-25 of 83
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