Building Department

Building Commissioner Silas Zartman 

The Building Department reviews plans and issues building permits for new construction and the remodeling of existing structures.

The Building Department also issues permits for electrical upgrades, garages, accessory buildings, pools, signs, sanitary sewer taps, roofing, and demolition.

Additional Permits may be required, please call Karen Smalley at 260.274.1491.

The Building Commissioner is responsible for the various inspections performed during the construction process and the final inspection to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy upon project completion.

Other duties of the Building Department include:

  • Enforcement of City Code relating to Trash, Unsafe Buildings, and Inhabitable Conditions
  • Sidewalk Replacement Program
  • Contractor Registration List 
  • Tree Removal Program
  • First Point of Contact for Residential Tax Abatement

The Building Commissioner serves as the Plan Commissioner Secretary and the Wabash Board of Zoning Appeals Secretary. Included in these issues are:

  • New Subdivisions
  • Subdivision Exclusions
  • Variance Packet
  • Special Exceptions Packet
  • Zoning Petitions

The Building Commissioner serves as Floodplain Coordinator for the City of Wabash to insure construction in the floodplain complies with all Local, State, and Federal regulations.

Karen Smalley, Administrative Assistant to the Building Commissioner is your first point of contact for assistance, forms, and for scheduling inspections. Please call Karen 260-274-1491

Frequently used forms: 

1. 2019 Sign Permit Application 

2. Amusement License Application 

3. Contractor Registration Application 

4. Petition for a Variance before the Board of Zoning Appeals 

5. New Residence Construction Requirement 

6.  Petition for Special Exception before the Board of Zoning

7. Form CF-1/Real Property

8. Form 322 - Application for Deduction from Assessed Valuation of Structures in ERA

13. Statement of Benefits - Real Estate Improvements

14. Sidewalk Program Application 

All forms must be printed and emailed to: Karen Smalley at 


Building Permit Payments - Here